About us

YesAlps is the widest network of websites concerning the main tourist areas of the Italian Alps. The goal of YesAlps is to provide information for the holidays in the Alpine area putting in contact the tourist accommodations with the potential customers.

The network includes 13.000 tourist accommodations and 6.000 other activities such as mountain lodges, restaurants, ski rentals and so on, which are interesting from the touristic point of view. The websites of YesAlps are interconnected and approximately have 3,5 million of visitors per year.

To receive information about our services, estimates and assistance write to info@yesalps.com.

To speak with us

  • Tel: 040 9777038
  • in Italian and German
  • from Monday to Friday, 8:30–12:30 and 14:00–17:30

The telephonic assistance is reserved to the facilities which have purchased the Premium services.


Do not use the contacts of this page to send room and accommodation requests or to ask for tourist information.

Postal address

YesAlps c/o XLbit s.n.c. Via Marconi, 4 - 34133 TRIESTE (Italy)