We use cookies to provide you with a better and tailored web service and to offer you selected contents from other websites (e.g. weather forecast and maps).
You can give your consent to the use of cookies simply by browsing this website or one of the sites of our network, or by closing the specific banner (clicking on "X") that pops up the first time you visit the sites. The sites are interconnected and even if the domains are different they are assimilable to some sections of the same web platform with identical services but declined towards different areas.
We would like to point out that continuing to browse our sites (by skimming the page or clicking on any element), in the absence of a specific choice concerning the handling of your consents about cookies, means giving your consent to the use of every cookie.
With the present notice about cookies ("Cookie Policy") we want to give you transparent information on how and within which purposes we use cookies on our sites.

What is a cookie and why is it used?
A cookie is a small text file that a website that you visit can transmit to your terminal (e.g. PC, laptop or smartphone) where it is stored on your hard disk by the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari) to be retransmitted to the website the next time you visit it.
Cookies enable websites to work efficiently, improving their performance and security. Moreover, they are used to collect information within statistical or advertising purposes, above all to tailor your browsing experience remembering your preferences.
Cookies are distinguished on the basis of:

  • the subject who installs them, being it the manager of the visited website ("first party cookies") or a different one ("third parties cookies")
  • the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow a better browsing, memorising some of the user's choices, for example the language ("technical cookies"); other cookies allow the control of the browsing also with the aim of sending advertising or offering services consistent with the user's preferences ("profiling cookies").

Technical cookies are necessary for the correct browsing of a website and to provide the user with the requested service. Without technical cookies, some procedures could not be carried out or they would be more complex and/or less safe. To use first party technical cookies, the user's consent is not necessary.

What cookies do we use?
Our websites use first party technical cookies, installed without needing the user's consent, as well as profiling cookies, also of third parties, that need the consent instead. As data owner, our company is accountable only for first party cookies present on the sites.
These are the cookies used by our sites:
Navigation cookies
From the first access, these cookies enable our sites to work correctly and allow you to visualise the contents on your device recognising, for example, the language and the country from which you choose to connect. Furthermore, if you are a registered user, they will recognise you and enable you to access the services of the reserved areas. Navigation cookies are essential for the functioning of the sites.
Functional cookies
Basing on your explicit request (e.g. "recognise me next time"), these cookies enable your identification at the following accesses, so that you don't have to insert your data every time. If, for example, you have selected a period for your stay and then you have closed the session, these cookies enable you to continue your search next time you visit the sites without needing to set up the dates again.
Functional cookies are not essential for the functioning of the sites, but they improve their quality and the browsing experience. These cookies collect anonymous information and do not memorise your actions on other websites.
Analytical cookies
These first party cookies are owned by our company, XLbit s.n.c., which handles the sites, and they are used to collect anonymous and aggregated data. They are used to elaborate statistical analysis on the browsing mode of users on the sites. Our company handles anonymously the results of these analysis and uses it only within statistical purposes.
The statistical use of navigation, functional and analytical cookies does not need your consent since they are considered "technical cookies".
Third parties cookies
Our sites include third parties elements such as maps, videos, etc. We select accurately the partners providing these contents but we cannot be held accountable for their work. Through these contents, you could receive on your browser third parties cookies. They are set up directly by the handler of the providing websites and they could also be profiling cookies, i.e. cookies creating profiles concerning the user, used also to send advertising messages with the preferences expressed by the user during the browsing.
Your consent is necessary to install these cookies.
Profiling cookies
They memorise your visit to our site, the pages you have viewed and the links you have clicked on. We use this information to show you contents that are in line with your interests (e.g. accommodation facilities in the area on which you carried out your search). We do not share this information with third parties.
Moreover, we use third parties cookies that allow the visualisation of our business proposal on other affiliated websites (so called retargeting).
Although we select our partners very carefully, we want to highlight that we do not control third parties cookies. Nevertheless, bear in mind that third parties profiling cookies, included analytical cookies different from purely statistical ones, can be installed only with your consent.
We remind you that you can give your consent by browsing this site or one site of our network or closing the specific banner (by clicking on "X") that pops up the first time you visit our sites.
We register your consent with a technical cookie, therefore, if you delete every cookie stored on your devices, you will see again the banner for the consent to the use of cookies.
In any case, as explained hereunder, you can modify at any time the settings of your browser so as to disable cookies.
However, we would like to point out that, if technical cookies are disabled too, some characteristics or features of the website could not be granted, thus preventing you from browsing correctly our websites or from getting the desired service.

How can you disable cookies?
You can withdraw the consent given to the use of cookies at any time, also for the profiling cookies, deleting or disabling them.
You can delete the cookies stored on your device and set up your browser so that it will prevent the installation of cookies by modifying the browser settings. The settings change depending on the browser you use and you can normally access them through the menu "Options", "Instruments" or "Preferences". To find them, you can also use the "Help" option of your browser.
For more information about cookies, how to handle or delete them, visit the website
We remind you that, if you block the use and the storage of technical cookies on your computer/device, you could be prevented from browsing our website correctly, since some characteristics and features will not be granted; the cancellation of functional cookies will worsen the quality of the offered service and browsing will not be undermined by refusing the installation or by disabling profiling cookies.
Our sites include elements of the following third parties to be taken as reference for their respective cookie policy.

Google Analytics
Analysis of aggregated and anonymous data on the website traffic and the interaction of the users with it
Google Ads
advertising conversions measurement
advertising conversions measurement
Google Maps
dynamic maps provider
video provider
video provider
weather forecast provider

Do you have any questions on our cookie policy?
If you have any questions on our cookie policy, you can contact us sending an email to
For the sake of completeness, we remind you that you can find more information on the processing of your personal data by our sites in our privacy notice.