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The website (internet portal bearing the YesAlps brand and reachable through the internet address, as well as through other addresses directly connected to it, bearing the YesAlps brand) uses cookies to give you a better and personalized service, and to offer you content selected from other internet websites (for example weather forecasts and maps).
You can give your consent to the use of cookies by clicking the "Accept" button in the appropriate banner that is displayed on your first visit to the website, or you can choose which cookies to accept by clicking the "Preferences" link on the same banner. By closing the banner with "X" you use the website with only the cookies necessary for its operation, which do not require your consent.

You can CHANGE your cookies preferences at any time.

With this ("Cookies Information") we intend to inform you in a transparent manner on how and for what purposes the website uses cookies.

What is a cookie and why is it used?

A cookie is a small text file that a website you visit can transmit to your terminal (e.g., personal computer, laptop, or smartphone) where it is stored by the browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox) to be retransmitted to the website on a subsequent visit to the website.
Cookies allow websites to function efficiently by improving their performance and security; they are used to collect information for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences.
Cookies are distinguished from each other:

  • — based on the person who installs them, depending on whether it is the same operator of the visited site ("first-party cookies") or a different person ("third-party cookies")
  • — based on the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow better navigation, by storing some user choices, for example the language ("technical cookies"), other cookies allow you to monitor the user's navigation also for the purpose of sending advertising or offer services in line with your preferences ("targeting and advertising cookies").

Technical cookies are necessary for the correct navigation of a website and to provide the service requested by the user. Without them, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less secure. No user consent is required for the use of first-party technical cookies.

What cookies do we use?

The website uses first-party technical cookies, for whose installation, no consent is required from the user. The website also uses targeting and advertising cookies, even from third parties which, on the other hand, require consent to use them.
As data controller, our Company (XLbit srl, based in Trieste, VAT number 01147590325) is solely responsible for the first party cookies present on the website.

These are the cookies used by the website:

Technical Cookies
From the first access these cookies allow the website to function properly and allow you to view the contents on your device by recognizing, for example, the language and the country from which you choose to connect. Furthermore, if you are a registered user, they will allow you to be recognized and to access the services of the dedicated areas. They are necessary for the functioning of the website.
Technical cookies collect anonymous information and do not store your actions on other websites. Technical cookies include analytical cookies. These are first-party cookies, owned by our Company and are used to collect data in an anonymous and aggregate form. They are used to process statistical analyses on how users navigate the website. Our Company treats the results of these analyses anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes. The use of purely statistical technical cookies does not require your consent.

Targeting and advertising cookies
They store your visit to the website, the pages you have viewed and the links on which you have clicked. We use this information to make you view content in line with your interests (e.g., accommodation facilities in the area you searched for). We do not share this information with third parties.
Furthermore, we use third-party cookies that allow you to view our commercial proposal on other affiliated websites (so-called retargeting). Although we select our partners very carefully, we emphasize that we have no control over third-party cookies; keep in mind that third-party cookies can only be installed with your consent.

We register your consent through a technical cookie; therefore, if you delete all the cookies stored on your devices, you will see the banner for consent to the use of cookies again.
n any case, at any time, you can change the settings of your navigation browser in order to disable cookies. However, we would like to point out that even if technical cookies are disabled, some features or functionalities of the website may not be guaranteed, therefore, you may not be able to navigate correctly and obtain the desired service.
Navigation will not be compromised in case of refusal to install or disable targeting and advertising cookies.

How can you change your cookie preferences?

At any moment you can MODIFY the consent given for cookies.
You can delete the cookies stored on your device and configure your navigation browser to prevent the installation of cookies by changing the settings of your browser.
To find out more about cookies and how to manage or delete them, visit
The website includes components of the following third parties to which reference should be made for their respective Cookie Information:

Google Analytics
aggregate and anonymous data analysis on traffic and user interaction with the website
Google Ads
measure advertising conversions
measure advertising conversions
Google Maps
dynamic map services
video delivery
video delivery
provision of weather forecasts

Do you have questions about our Cookie Policy?

If you have any questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact us at the following email address
Further information on the processing of your personal data collected through the website can be found in the Informativa Privacy.