The following document aims at describing the purposes and methods of processing your personal data. Hereunder you can find the necessary contact information if you have questions about it.
Through its "websites" (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, our company presents touristic information on Alpine resorts, inserted by accommodation facilities, touristic bodies and other activities. On these websites you can find information helpful to plan your holidays and to choose among the accommodation facilities presented on the basis of several data, such as holiday periods, localities, preferred type of facility and other criteria. You can contact the facilities and the other activities to receive information and offers, transferring some of your personal data to the facility you choose to contact.

We want to point out that this privacy notice is valid for every kind of information collected by our company through our websites, through the email you send us, through other online platforms, e.g. social media, and if you contact us by telephone. Occasionally, we could need to modify the present notice. In case of significant changes, we will highlight them on our websites and/or we will communicate them to you via email or through other means, in order to allow you to examine these changes before continuing to use our services.
However, if you always want to be updated, we recommend that you visit this page periodically.

Moreover, we encourage you to read the cookie policy that makes clear how the websites use them.

What personal data do we collect?
In order to be able to answer to your information requests and to allow you to plan your holidays in the best way and to organize your stay in the facility more in line with your needs, we need to collect some data, such as your name and surname, your contact information (i.e. telephone number and email), the envisaged dates for your stay, localities where you want to spend your holidays, type of facility you want and price range.
This information is collected through the form compiling on the websites, on the basis of the chosen contents while browsing them and if you contact our customer care office.
Your data could be transmitted also by third parties such as, for example, the facilities you contacted for your stay.
Within the over cited purposes, your data can be processed both electronically and on paper.

Type of collected data
The transmission of the requested information and the reservation of your stay will be managed directly by the facilities you contact. This information can be sent to you by the facilities through our platform and therefore become part of the data we manage.
Moreover, the facilities you contact could share with us some information about you (and vice versa), for instance in the case of questions on an ongoing reservation and of litigations.
Finally, we inform you that if the inserted data concern other people, you should make them read this notice.
The data concerning individuals under the age of 16 can be processed only with the consent of their parents or of their legal guardian. Without this consent, if we receive the data of a minor, we reserve the right of removing this information. Therefore, we encourage you not to insert data concerning people under the age of 16 while using our services.
In any case, the above cited data can be used only in a limited number of situations, such as in case of communication to the public authority.

Why do we collect and process your data?
We collect your data to offer you a tailored browsing, to show you the activities more in line with your preferences, to put you in contact with the facilities you decide to get in touch with, to allow you to post reviews about facilities and other activities, to provide you with the best service possible and to inform you about promotions, offers and touristic events. Moreover, in your personal area you can view your requests and other information uploaded on the websites.

Purposes of data collection and processing

  • Browsing and use of the website: during browsing, we use information such as vacation dates, localities, preferred facility types, etc., to present to you the facilities more consistent with your needs besides availabilities and prices in a targeted way.
  • Transmission of information requests/reservation: when you contact a facility, we register the data necessary to process your request.
  • Customer care and communications: he use of some features in the websites (i.e. contacting the accommodation facilities, the writing of a review, etc.) entails the transmission of some information needed to complete these actions (i.e. confirmation of the registration, sending of the access data, etc.) and to obtain the best result possible. It could also be necessary to contact you for operative reasons or technical problems.
  • Marketing and newsletter: if you have given your consent, we will use the information to send you our newsletter, possibly also tailored, concerning accommodation facilities, vacation packages, touristic information, etc.
    You can unsubscribe the newsletter service at any time and in an easy and quick way: you just need to click on the specific link present in every newsletter, through you personal area or contacting us and asking to delete the service. Since the update of your data and preferences could take some days necessary to update our IT systems, over this period you could be sent other communications or you should wait for the data update to be completed.
  • Reviews on accommodation facilities, other activities and places: you can leave a comment and/or a review filling in the specific form; by writing this review you give your consent to publish it on the websites.
  • Profiling: our data can be used to analyze your choices, your browsing experiences and your interest in communications, in order to provide you with the most tailored service, in line with your preferences and only linked to our services.
    We would like to point out that when you visit our websites we could also collect information about the devices used and the networks you are connected to while using our services. To give you an example, we could collect data concerning the following information: IP address, login information, browser type and version, type and versions of the plug-in browser, operating system and platform, information on the visit including the clickstream URL, the viewed facilities or those you looked for and duration of the visit to specific pages. We collect this information using several technologies, such as the cookies. To have more information about it, we recommend you read our cookie policy.
  • Legal purposes: in compliance with the law, we could need to use your data to send communications to the public authority to manage and settle possible legal disputes that may arise between us, for public authorities investigations, conformity checks and to make sure that the using terms of our services are respected.
    We would like to underline that under article 6 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, the over described data can be collected, processed and conserved by us on the basis of the following principles:
    1. in order to carry out our services and to fulfil the legal obligations we are subject to;
    2. if you have given your consent, with marketing and/or profiling activities purposes, unless you decide to withdraw your consent at any time, contacting us with the addresses listed in this notice;
    3. for the purposes of our legitimate interests.

Transmission of your data to third parties
We neither sell nor cede (not even in the future) your personal data to third parties (included name, address, email). We think that this is a fundamental element to deserve your trust.
To handle your requests of information and to be able to provide correctly the service offered by the websites, we have to communicate some of your data to third parties. For example, we have to forward your requests, with the inserted data, to the accommodation facilities that you want to contact to allow them to send you the desired information. However, you are always informed about the facilities you are going to contact and you can choose beforehand whether to do it or not.
As already cited, the websites are interconnected and linked to the same web platform; the registration, as well as the consent to the personal data processing and the expressed preferences have to be considered valid for the whole network. The registration is, indeed, univocal and the data controller is always our company. This entails, for example, that if you have given your consent you can receive a newsletter containing information concerning all the sites of the network, not only the one you have visited.

Sharing of your data with third parties
Only for the purpose of carrying out the service provided by our websites, as already said, we could need to communicate your personal data to some third parties that you have selected; in particular, to those accommodation facilities and activities that you choose to contact from time to time.
Moreover, we could be asked to transfer your personal data to the law enforcement if provided for by the law or if it is absolutely necessary to detect and prevent frauds or crimes or for criminal proceedings against them. Furthermore, we could have to share your personal data with the competent authorities to safeguard and defend our rights or assets or the rights and assets of our business partners.
Notwithstanding the over mentioned information, we cannot be held accountable for the processing of your data by third parties; to know more about it, we encourage you to read their privacy notice.
We would like to point out that your data could be accessible to external providers of professional services such as IT consultants in the event of maintenance/update operations on our IT systems; in this case, we will make sure that the above mentioned consultants are committed to keep the data confidential and to process them in the correct way.
Finally, we underline that we can provide third parties with aggregated and anonymous information as well as analytical data of our customers, without prejudice to the fact that, before doing it, we will make sure that the data cannot be linked to any specific customer.

Your information and non-European countries
Our company is based in Italy.
Nevertheless, to process your data we could use IT systems (i.e. email provider, data storage systems), whose server could be outside the European Union. In this case, our company is committed to guarantee the respect of the data protection provisions in compliance with the EU Regulation 2016/679. In particular, if your data are transferred to a non-European country, we will make sure that the transfer is carried out in compliance with the present notice and that it is regulated by standard contractual provisions approved by the European Commission, guaranteeing in this way an adequate protection for the people concerned.

How do we handle your data security?
It is in our interests to guarantee the security of your data in compliance with the existing legal framework in this field. To this purpose, we have implemented a series of internal procedures and we use suitable technical and IT security systems.
Moreover, we have provided for and applied security procedures and technical-physical limits to impede the access to and the use of your personal data stored in our server by unauthorised individuals.
Furthermore, we have implemented a system allowing only the authorised personnel to access the necessary data to carry out their activity and we make sure that every third party to which we should communicate your data is committed to maintain their confidentiality and to use them only within the purposes listed in the present notice.

How long do we store your data?
Your data will be stored for a maximum of five years starting from the last time you use our websites. This to allow you to find in the personal area your requests, reviews and possible preferences on the use of our services in order to ease their use every time. Your account will be available as long as your data are stored. You can close it at any time and all the information will consequently be deleted.
Furthermore, if it is necessary or requested to fulfil legal or regulatory obligations, handle disputes, prevent fraudulent behaviours and abuses, we could store some of your personal data even after you have deleted your account for the period of time established by the applicable law.
We would like to point out that, once the over mentioned deadline has passed, the contents created by the users (i.e. comments and assessments), will be anonymous but still visible on the websites and/or on our social media.

Your rights concerning your data
You have many rights concerning your personal data.
First of all, you always have the right to ask for the access to the data we have collected.
You can ask for their correction in the event of errors/changes or for their cancellation.
Furthermore, you can ask us to limit the processing of your data or you can oppose it.
However, bear in mind that, if the communication and processing of the data is a legal obligation or it is necessary to conclude a contract and/or to offer you our services, the cancellation request and/or your opposition to their processing could prevent us from completing the requested service.
The withdrawal of the consent shall not undermine the lawfulness of the data processed before the withdrawal and basing on your consent.
Finally, you have the right to ask us to transfer completely or partly your data to you or to another service provider, as well as the right to complain under article 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 to the control authorities.
If you want to exercise one of your rights, if you have complains or questions, you can contact us sending an email to

Who is the holder of the personal data?
The holder of the data processing is XLbit srl, company under the Italian law, based in Via Donizetti 1, Trieste (Italy).
For further information or for requests concerning this notice, you can contact us sending an email to We will answer as soon as possible.