Nature parks in the Italian Alps

Natural parks in the Alps are protected areas of particular ecological value and represent important tourist attractions for the entire surrounding mountain area. In nature parks, environmental education is promoted, since these are open to the public, so that visitors can get to know the most important aspects of the natural environment, also through specific nature trails. Moreover, parks provide – through information offices and visitor centers – natural museums or historical-ethnological museums, libraries, conference rooms, etc. Among the Alpine nature reserves, there are even four national parks in Italy: the Gran Paradiso National Park, the Val Grande National Park, the Stelvio National Park and the Belluno Dolomites National Park. Numerous parks and regional nature reserves of priceless beauty offer endless opportunities to immerse oneself in mountain nature.… continue

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River Park Novella

RomalloVal di Non, Trentino
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Novella Fluvial Park is an exceptional natural trail located in Val di Non, in the towns of Novella and Romallo.Crossing many apple’s orchards and lush woods, with rare plants and flowers such as orchids, you can immerse into the heart of the millennial rock.

Gran Paradiso national park (Cogne visitor centre)

Cogne (Gran Paradiso)Aosta Valley

The Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre in Cogne - TutelAttiva Laboratorio Parco - is a research laboratory where visitors can study and understand what happens in the park and deepen their knowledge on the environment.

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